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Steak Soirée at Côte


The Oracle invites you to elevate your evenings with a touch of French elegance at Côte Reading. Introducing the Steak Soirée, an affair that promises not just a meal but a celebration of fine dining and conviviality, now available from Monday to Wednesday starting at 5pm.

Picture this: two succulent steaks, each prepared with the utmost care in Côte’s very own in-house butchery. Choose your favourite sauces and sides to complement the rich flavours of the meat, crafting a meal that is uniquely yours. And, as the pièce de résistance, Côte is delighted to offer a complimentary bottle of French wine to elevate your dining experience, ensuring that the spirit of generosity and joy is as much a part of your meal as the food itself.

Steak Soirées at Côte have become a cherished ritual, that what was once a Wednesday exclusive now welcomes guests on Mondays and Tuesdays too, offering more opportunities to indulge in a midweek treat.

Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a moment to let the joie de vivre flow, Côte’s carefully curated French wine list is there to suit every palate. Should you choose to explore further, simply pay the difference and select a bottle that catches your fancy, turning a great evening into an unforgettable one.

At The Oracle, we’re not just hosting dinners; we’re creating memories, one Steak Soirée at a time.

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Steak sioree Cote