The Oracle


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Driftroom is currently closed.

Why be the same? Why stay in your comfort zone? Why be normal? Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. How you ask?  Step into driftroom an independently run store and be taken away with our beautifully unique selection of both lifestyle and novelty gifts. Feel the ambience take over your body and drift away as you explore all the unique, quirky lifestyle and gifts we have to offer. From lifestyle items such has rugs, vintage industrial lighting, neon’s, rustic mirrors to huge angel wings which are all both unique and quirky to jazz up your space and REALLY make it feel like apart of you. From unique gifts such has mugs, plaques, street signs, books, sentiment, to thought provoking items, which encourage dialogue to explore each other’s minds, we have it all. We’re here to challenge and shake up the lifestyle and gifting section, and most of all we’re to offer you beautifully designed products that bring joy to you and others.  What are you waiting for? Find us on Level 2 at The Oracle!