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Joos at The Oracle

It's such a nuisance when you’re out and about and your battery runs. But now you don't have to stop & find somewhere with a power point to charge up, or worse still, leave your phoned locked into a cabinet somewhere. Joos is here and ready to charge your phone on the go! Pick up one of the Joos power banks at the Joos Boxes found in the centre at: • Level 1 near Goldsmiths • Level 2 near Boots • Level 2 near Krispy Kreme Grab a power bank and start charging. Joos costs as little as £2 for the first hour and then £4 in total for the first 24 hours. Simply search and download the Joos app from the App Store or Google Play & use the map to locate your nearest Joos Box to charge while you shop, stress free! Safety is our main concern right now which is why Joos power banks are kept in their protective slot long enough to kill of any pesky viruses before being available for re-use. All of Joos' equipment and power banks are sanitised for extra comfort. But that’s not all, the Joos power banks also come with a virus resistant surface layer. For full Joos terms and conditions visit here