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Halloween how-to: half skull

Halloween makeup ideas

Halloween costume – tick. Now here’s how to master an easy Halloween makeup look with this creepy skeleton tutorial. The best bit? No special effects kit required – we’ve only used the best everyday makeup brands available at The Oracle. And to keep things spooktacular, you can use these makeup tips for that smokey eye look you need on your next night out. But right now, let’s creep it real!

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Prep with party makeup

We’re creating a Halloween skull here, so start with doing your usual glam makeup look as you would for an evening out. Go for a soft, brown smokey eye for a smoldering glance, while keeping the lips natural with a nude or soft pink long-lasting lipstick. Tip: use a foundation that is lighter than your usual shade for an otherworldly pallor. Our pick: Dior Backstage Airflash Spray Foundation, £35, Debenhams

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Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner

On one side of your face, use a black eyeliner pen (or liquid eyeliner) to draw a teardrop shape that follows the natural lines of your cheekbone. Don’t worry if it’s rough as you’ll be blending over the top later. Take a medium blending brush and fill this in using black eyeshadow. For the socket of your eye, use the same brush to add black eyeshadow along the eyelid base, up and around over your eyebrows. Swap to a smaller eyeshadow blending brush and sweep the colour under your eye. Finish off with a fine line of eyeshadow around the eye in a ‘C’ shape for extra spooky definition. Take a white eyeshadow and carefully sweep this around your temples, on your forehead and onto your cheek to add highlight. Then draw half a triangle using your eyeliner pen on the side of your nose: Start with a line down the bridge of your nose and draw around and over your nostrils. Fill in with the pen then pat over some black eyeshadow to smooth out the colour. Our picks: L’Oréal Paris Tattoo Signature 24hr Liquid Eyeliner in Black, £6.99, Boots; Yves Saint Laurent Couture Variation eye shadow palette, £51, Debenhams; Chanel retractable dual tip eye shadow brush, £38, Debenhams

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Finish off your skeleton makeup

Now, to sketch out the teeth. Use your eyeliner pen to draw lines on your lips, above and below. Remember to use lighter strokes so you can hide any mistakes with blending. With a lip brush or fine eyeshadow brush, take the white eyeshadow and add shading to the teeth lines. Then, ramp up the fright factor by adding more detail. Use the eyeliner pen to add more features like cracks in the bones or the roots of your skull’s teeth. To finish up, let your inner artist out! Pick complementary dark shades and use your brush to build up dark metallic eyeshadow and even purple eyeshadow around your eyes to achieve a tonal effect. Finish the look with an Urban Decay makeup setting spray. You are now fully set for your Halloween evening, or a spot of nostalgic session of trick-or-treating! Our pick: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, £24, Debenhams