The Oracle

A new stunning mural by .Epod unveiled

We’ve just unveiled our latest mural at The Oracle! Designed by .Epod, it’s a mural that reflects the heart and soul of our town’s legendary music scene.

Inspired by the euphoria of the Reading & Leeds Festival, the artwork captures a woman completely lost in the euphoria of music.

Let this artwork take you back to those amazing moments of togetherness at a festival that thrills and connects us – year after year.

Epod said “I wanted to create a scene that captures the atmosphere and energy of the audience at the Reading location, focusing on a joyful individual in the crowd who is completely taken by the moment and the music, and is in a state of euphoria.”

We love what this mural represents and think it captures the festival’s spirit perfectly – and can’t wait for you to see it up close. Make your way down to The Oracle and head to floor 2 near Five Guys and let this masterpiece transport you to those unforgettable moments of pure joy. A great reminder to live in the moment and to appreciate the true power of music.

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