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Bubbleology was founded in April 2011, in the heart of trend-setting Soho, and as of today has become a leading bubble tea brand, with multiple stores across Europe, USA and the Middle East. The brand also has iconic locations in Topshop Oxford Circus, Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge, Westfield Stratford, Westfield London, Notting Hill and South Kensington. Bubbleology is not just about serving bubble tea, we are a stand-out vibrant lifestyle brand, with key partnerships among major retailers and global brands. Our drinks are constantly evolving, with new product introductions as a regular feature of the Bubbleology® brand. In addition to a variety of milk and fruit teas and create-your-own brews; Bubbleology serves coffee varieties, skinny drinks and an innovative range of bubble tea cocktails in selected stores. Our teas are loved by people of all ages. They are freshly made to order with organic tea leaves and can be customised to the individual’s taste. Our teas are 100% vegetarian and we also offer organic milk and soya milk options. We pride ourselves on selling smiles with our products, served in a family-friendly environment. Together with our delicious drinks and brand experience, we have the perfect recipe for happy customers.