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The new No.7 at Franco Manca

Pizza genius Enzo Coccia created the first pizzeria to be recognised by the Michelin guide, now he's created our second guest pizza. This year Franco Manca and Ferrarelle water are inviting some of Italy’s most exciting chefs to create a series of guest No.7 pizzas. Each one is based on their regional Italian heritage. Enzo’s No.7 is the second in the series. It’s inspired by the food of Naples and the Campania region of Italy. It stars a classic Campania ingredient, ‘peperoncino dolce friariello’ (sweet green peppers). The pizza also features mozzarella, San Marzano D.O.P. tomato, Franco and Cantarelli Grana cheese and Gloucester old spot sausage.

Try the new No.7 at Franco Manca on The Riverside.

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