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The best non-alcoholic cocktails in reading

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More and more of us are opting for non-alcoholic drinks on a night out. And our new ‘drink-less’ attitude is leading to a change in, not only our diet, but our lifestyle habits, too. We’re ditching cocktails and clubs for non-alcoholic cocktails, super smoothies and yoga classes.        

Best mocktails in Reading

With our thirst for zero-alcohol cocktails, the drinks scene has had to adapt too. Most bars and restaurants now have a dedicated mocktail section on the menu, with resident mixologists putting just as much thought into these drinks as their classic alcoholic offerings. So we’ve explored The Oracle to find the best tasty tipples available. For a virgin take on a cocktail, check out the Lulo & Agaver Cooler at Las Iguanas – Colombian lulo citrus fruit and agave topped with soda over ice.

Seedlip ‘gin’ and tonic

The boom in the plant-based, non-alcoholic spirit seedlip has really ramped up the flavour of virgin G&T. It helps add depth of flavour, along with spicy or dry notes, that you’d usually only get from a big slug of your favourite gin. Head to Miller & Carter Steakhouse and try the Seedlip Garden 108. Its fresh herbal notes taste great paired with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic, cucumber and fresh mint.                                     

Agua frescas

As we’re stepping away from the beers, there’s also a growing trend for aguas frescas. These light, non-alcoholic drinks – which are made from fruits, cereals, flowers or seeds – are often diluted with sugar and water. A popular choice in Mexico, they use ingredients such as pineapple peel and rind, hibiscus flowers and tamarind to make their light, refreshing drinks. For a similar soft drink, try the Citron Pressé at Café Rouge. Made from pressed lemons, you simply add water and gomme syrup to taste.                                       

Superfood smoothies

Smoothies are being pimped up, too, with the addition of superfoods like cocoa nibs (for a rich, chocolatey crunch), or acai berries (for a thick, indulgent texture). In addition to these exotic ingredients, there’s been a big shift to savoury smoothies made from veggies like kale, spinach, avocado and carrots. They’re a lower sugar option to your usual fruit smoothie.     Try the Broccoli Boost at All Bar One (it’s delicious, honest!) High in vitamin C, it blends broccoli, spinach, mango, pineapple and celery for a healthy pick-me-up.                                        

Craft sodas

Forget Coca-Cola or 7-Up. Today everyone is after something bespoke and quirky – enter craft sodas. Often handmade in small batches, these drinks are tapping into our healthy desires and ethical consciences. Think organic, natural ingredients and truly original flavours: blackberries and stinging nettles soda, anyone? Again at Giraffe, ditch the usual fizzy drinks and sup on their Sunshine Coast Iced Tea instead. Delicious ice-cold chamomile and green tea combines with mango, lime and fresh mint. So there you have it – now it’s time to go out and get drinking (minus the hangover).