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Hottest toys for Christmas 2017

kids toys

It may only be November, but the first of those letters to Father Christmas are already being written by eager little hands!

This year, we’re here to help you get ahead with your present buying with our roundup of the most-wanted toys for Christmas 2017 (and you can pick them all up at  The Oracle. Just call us Santa’s Little Helpers. 

fun board games

Yes, you may look like you’re mid-way through some horrific dental procedure, but this mouthpiece challenge game rates 10 out of 10 for belly laughs. Simply pop in the guard (it won’t let you shut your mouth) then try to read a selection of ridiculous phrases. All your teammate has to do is correctly decipher what on earth you’re mumbling on about to win points. Just remember to remove it before settling down for your Christmas lunch…

Our pick: Speak Out Game, £20, Debenhams


Say hello to the new edition to the family: Jimu Robot – perfect for budding inventors and Bill Gates wannabes. Think of him like a cute but smart Frankenstein: he’s easy to build with pieces that snap together, and you can either choose the pre-designed character or let little imaginations run wild by creating your own design. The intuitive programming function means kids can learn the basics of coding as they program Jimu’s actions and movements.  

Our pick: Jimu TankBot Robot, £144.95, Apple Store

teddy bear

Ah, Care Bears – a blast from our nostalgic past. Hands up who had these furry pals on their Santa list? And now, 35 years later, you can let your kiddiewinks enjoy them too thanks to this anniversary edition Rainbow Heart bear. She comes in a special gift box with a certificate of authenticity. Just be warned: it’s not our fault if your child wants to collect all of the colourful cuddly critters.

Our pick: Care Bears Rainbow Heart, £27, Debenhams

star wars lego

Unless you live under a soundproofed rock, you’ll be aware that Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas on 15 December. Fans young, old (and very old if you count us) cannot get enough of the sci-fi saga so you can’t go wrong with this special LEGO building set of the droid character BB-8. And with over 1,100 pieces, you’re entirely justified in ‘helping’ your kid build it on Boxing Day.

Our pick: LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi BB-8, £68, Boots

retro rubiks

Let’s face it – this retro puzzle never gets old and hooks anyone who dares try it the minute it’s out of the box. But, no matter how much we want to believe otherwise, after 40 year we’re going to have to reluctantly admit it’s beaten us. We will, however, spend a good half an hour hogging it before begrudgingly handing it to our 10-year-old niece (who will no doubt master it in a nanosecond). Coming in at £16, it’s the perfect stocking filler/secret Santa gift.

Our pick: Rubik's cube, £16, Debenhams

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