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Deputy Manager - Ted Baker

Job Role & Responsibilities:
  • Work in a partnership with the Location Manager with the leadership of the location.
  • Work with integrity and respect for others; promoting excellent team participation and ensuring the team and location are presented to the highest standards.
  • Take ownership of your personal learning to enhance your development, positively impacting on that of the team and location.
  • Be responsible for consistent Ted's School of Excellence training and standards. Deliver other company training to ensure the team are up to date and knowledgeable.
  • Be pro-active in developing and coaching others and have a flexible but consistent approach to differing people and situations.
  • Confidently feedback on the team performance to Location Manager, Area Manager and Coach Station when required.
  • Display high levels of personal motivation and use effective incentives to inspire and drive the team.
  • Support the Location Manager to identify and resolve recruitment needs, through effective succession planning and networking.
  • Support the Location Manager with the on-boarding of New to Teds (NTT's) and New to Positions (NTP's)

How To Apply

Full Time - 40hrs

To apply please follow the link,

Closing Date: 30/09/19

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