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The Big Positive Dance with E.ON

Have you got what it takes to be Reading's hotstepper?  30 seconds, 1 pair of feet, 1 dance, 1 chance to dance your way onto the leaderboard.

E.ON is giving us a taste of a positive energy future.  Their kinetic dance floor will show how your feet could be all powerful in the future.  Imagine if treading the floorboards at home powered your TV.  Or walking the pavement powered the streetlights.

Take the E.ON dance challenge and see how much energy you can generate.  Register your time on their Hotstepper leaderboard for a chance to win tickets to see Kylie, with hospitality and accommodation thrown in.

Plus, get smart with energy in 2014  – E.ON will be registering people for their new smart meter all weekend.  The meters send your meter reading directly to E.ON, so you are only paying for the energy you use.  A great way to take control of your energy, 

More from E.ON and what they are doing to be a more positive provider

Their vision is simple: to be their customers’ trusted energy partner. But they don’t pretend this is easy. It means continuing to improve their relationships with their customers and offering the right products at fair prices. It’s about helping customers to use no more energy than they need, and investing in the communities where they have an impact.

Here’s how

Listening to you - Their corporate responsibility hub is based around the issues that you've told them matter most. By doing the right things right in these areas, they hope to become your trusted energy partner. Follow updates through their hub, twitter and facebook.

Giving you control - They’re working to put customers in the driving seat, helping them control their energy usage.

Transparent pricing- It’s crucial to their business that they offer products at fair prices and help their customers to understand price changes.

Making things simple and fair - They want their customers to understand their bills easily and how to get the best deal they can with them.

Cleaning up their act - They’re making investments in renewable energy to help meet carbon reduction targets and provide a secure energy future.

Supporting those most vulnerable - They’re working to help some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Investing in people  - They’re playing a positive role in the community, investing in apprenticeships and helping to teach school children about saving energy.

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