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    VUE Cinema

    At the Riverside
    Catch the latest movie releases at Reading’s Vue Cinema, situated right here at The Oracle. 

    The cinema houses 10 state-of-the-art screens that can seat 1,800 people, and also offers full disabled access throughout.

    Subtitled and audio descriptions are available for selected films.

    Now Showing

    The Equalizer

    Denzel Washington stars as a former black ops commando whoretires after faking his own death. His taste for retribution is awakened whena young girl seeks his help, and he soon finds himself dealing with a pack ofvicious Russian gangsters.

    What We Did on Our Holiday

    Doug and Abi have a massive secret and it’s only when they embark on holiday to the Scottish Highlands that it becomes clear just how much they’ll struggle to keep it hidden with their three young children in tow.


    When the high-brow folk that live in the pleasant town ofCheesebridge misconstrue the Boxtrolls as pesky thieves that steal theirbeloved cheese, the loveable creatures must set out to prove them wrong inorder to protect their race. 

    A Walk Among The Tombstones

    A private investigator finds himself out of his depth, whenhe’s hired by a drug lord to capture the gang that murdered his wife.

    Magic In The Moonlight

    An egocentric magician travels to France in order to exposean aspiring clairvoyant, who has been hired to help a widower contact her latehusband. 

    • 30 September 2014

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    The Riot Club

    Basedon the hugely successful play, Posh, The Riot Club follows first year studentsMiles and Alistair at Oxford University as they attempt to join theuniversity’s exclusive society, the Riot Club.


    A bitter mining strike in 1980s Britain fosters an unlikely and unique union of solidarity between embattled mineworkers and gay activists.


    A romanticcomedy about a physiotherapist who shocks the members of a strict Royalhousehold with her carefree attitude in this Waltz Disney production.


    In Taiwan, a young woman is forced into becoming a drug mule for the mob. When she inadvertently absorbs the drug she is carrying, she finds herself with superhuman powers.

    NT Live: A Streetcar Named Desire (Encore)

    A fragile beauty retreats to her sister’s house in order to find solace,only to be tormented by her twisted brother-in-law. 

    • 30 September 2014

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    Sex Tape

    When Jay and Annie’s 10 year relationship begins to fizzleout in the bedroom, they decide a homemade sex tape will be the best way to reignitethe passion. When the tape is accidentally synced to the iPads they’ve givenaway as gifts, they must race to delete it before it goes viral.

    • 30 September 2014

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    Guardians of the Galaxy

    Adventurer Peter Quill must rally a team of misanthropictroops to protect the Galaxy from a menacing force.

    A Most Wanted Man

    Ahalf-Chechen, half-Russian refugee illegally immigrates into Hamburg with themotive of claiming his late-father’s contraband fortune. Upon arrival, he findshimself embroiled in an international war against terror.

    • 30 September 2014

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    Before I Go To Sleep

    Christine, a writer in her forties, wakes up every day unable to remember anything from her past. Working alongside a doctor, Christine tries to piece together the fragments of memory – but is the truth better left forgotten?

    • 30 September 2014

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    A delicious romance between two youngsters seeing the comingtogether of diametrically opposite but equally spicy cultures of Hyderabad andLucknow.

    Saptamashree Taskaraha

    A Malayalam hilarious comedy based on seven convicts who joins forces in jail to pull off a heist.

    • 30 September 2014

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    The Giver

    Although relatively happy in his heavily scrutinised worldof conformity, when Jonas gets a taste of what life’s really like, curiositygets the better of him…


    Gone Girl / Fight Club Double Bill

    On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne...

    Due to be released 01/10/2014
    Stephen Fry Live: More Fool Me

    Broadcast live from the Bridgewater Hall, Stephen Fry takes...

    Due to be released 01/10/2014
    Life After Beth

    When Zach’s dead girlfriend, Beth, rises from the...

    Due to be released 01/10/2014

    A Bollywood drama adapted from Shakespeare's Hamlet about a...

    Due to be released 02/10/2014
    Bang Bang

    A Bollywood action drama charting the journey of a young...

    Due to be released 02/10/2014
    Gone Girl

    Basedon the phenomenally successful novel of the same name,...

    Due to be released 02/10/2014
    The Maze Runner

    A teenager wakes up with no memory of his life before, and...

    Due to be released 03/10/2014
    Dolphin Tale 2

    When the surrogate mother anddoting companion of an injured...

    Due to be released 03/10/2014
    Dolphin Tale 2 3D

    When the surrogate mother anddoting companion of an injured...

    Due to be released 03/10/2014
    Dracula Untold

    Explore the origins of one of cinema’s most enduring...

    Due to be released 03/10/2014

    Born out of wedlock early in the last century, impoverished...

    Due to be released 03/10/2014
    Monster High: Freaky Fusion

    While attempting to help Frankie Stein™ learn more...

    Due to be released 04/10/2014
    Tony Benn: Will and Testament with Live Q&A

    Something of a Marmite character, Tony Benn was always oneto...

    Due to be released 05/10/2014
    The Football Manager Documentary + Live Q&A

    Anentire evening exclusively dedicated to the world's...

    Due to be released 07/10/2014
    The Rewrite

    A once successful screenwriter falls on hard times, and...

    Due to be released 08/10/2014


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