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    VUE Cinema

    At the Riverside
    Catch the latest movie releases at Reading’s Vue Cinema, situated right here at The Oracle. 

    The cinema houses 10 state-of-the-art screens that can seat 1,800 people, and also offers full disabled access throughout.

    Subtitled and audio descriptions are available for selected films.

    Now Showing

    Captain America: Civil War

    When politicians propose that a governing body should oversee the actions of the Avengers, it divides the team into two opposing factions, one led by Captain America, the other by Iron Man.

    The Jungle Book

    Mowgli the man-cub must fight for his place in the jungle when he learns a fearsome tiger named Shere Khan has sinister plans for him.


    When a wealthy investment banker loses his wife in a tragic car crash, he realises he must demolish the life he once knew in order to move on. 


    The first bunny police officer must work side-by-side with a scam-artist fox to crack a case in the sprawling city of Zootropolis. 

    Eye In The Sky

    A mission to take down terrorists planning a large-scale bomb attack in Kenya becomes problematic when an innocent nine year old girl steps into the kill zone. 

    Bastille Day

    A CIA agent, a pickpocket, and a would-be terrorist become bound to one another during the events of an accidental bomb explosion on the eve of Bastille Day.

    • 04 May 2016

      Film Times

    Eddie the Eagle

    Aided by his coach and mentor, unlikely ski jumper, Eddie the Eagle, makes a surprising appearance at the Winter Olympics, winning countless fans in the process.

    • 04 May 2016

      Film Times

    Ratchet and Clank

    Everyone’s favourite Lombax and his robotic pal are kicking some asteroid on the big screen, attempting to stop Chairman Drek from destroying the Solana Galaxy.

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Two of the most powerful heroes of all time face off in this long-awaited and thrilling spectacle.

    • 04 May 2016

      Film Times

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

    As Toula and Ian face the challenges that come with a difficult teenage daughter, it’s time to prepare for yet another big, fat, Greek wedding – one set to be even more problematic than the last. 

    London Has Fallen

    Following the dramatic events of Olympus Has Fallen, Mike Banning is back to protect President Benjamin Asher against an even greater and more terrifying threat.

    • 04 May 2016

      Film Times

    The Huntsman: Winter's War

    The Ice Queen, Freya succeeds in resurrecting her sister, the vanquished Queen Ravenna, with Eric the Huntsman and his lover Sara being the only ones who are able to confront them.


    An action thriller which sees Tiger Schroff playing a rebellious character who tries to tame himself in a sleepy village of Kerala.


    A Telegu action thriller based on a security officer who goes to get lengths to achieve justice when he is faced with some upheavals in his life.

    • 04 May 2016

      Film Times


    Robinson Crusoe

    Out on an exotic island, a charismatic parrot dreams of...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016
    1920 London

    A Bollywood horror based on a happy couple whose lives are...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016
    Bad Neighbours 2

    As they prepare to sell their family home and move on, Mac...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016
    Elvis & Nixon

    When the King of Rock ‘n Roll showed up on the lawn at...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016
    Florence Foster Jenkins

    Florence Foster Jenkins obsessively pursues her dream of...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016
    I Saw The Light

    Chronicling the life, career, and death of...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016

    A Punjabi drama based around a lawyer who finds a new...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016

    A Punjabi action drama based on a soldier who goes in search...

    Due to be released 06/05/2016
    Angry Birds

    A group of mysterious green piggies interrupt an island...

    Due to be released 13/05/2016
    Everybody Wants Some

    Take a trip back to the 1980s and follow the hedonistic...

    Due to be released 13/05/2016
    Going in Style

    Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin star as three...

    Due to be released 13/05/2016
    Green Room

    When a budding punk rock band witness a horrific murder,...

    Due to be released 13/05/2016
    Kill Command

    It’s a futuristic, action-packed account of what...

    Due to be released 13/05/2016
    Our Kind of Traitor

    A couple become embroiled in a case of international...

    Due to be released 13/05/2016
    The Darkness

    A family return from their holiday in the Grand Canyon only...

    Due to be released 13/05/2016


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